April 2016

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 12:50 AM

Malser Trust Grant approved.

The Janet Malser Hunanities Trust approved a grant in April 2016 for continued repairs to the WDHS museum housed at the Little Red Schoolhouse, aka Fenner School, at 451 School St. in Webster.  We are extremely grateful for their ongoing support.

Local musicians sponsored

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June 2014

WDHS agreed to sponsor Mark & Raianne Richards application for a Malser Trust Grant for a 10-15 minute local history video.  See their site on our "Links" page.

Printing Press

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Many thanks going out to  Pauline Dziembowski and the Duval family for their very generous donation of the printing press. We were able to find a buyer, so it now has a new home and we have a few more dollars to help fix the museum. Definitely a win-win!

Thanks also to members John Mrazik, Ron Bannister, and Ron Heroux for their help in loading it onto the truck for transport to its new home in Rhode Island.

It's because of generous donations like these, and the wonderful people who make up our membership, that we are able to continue to protect and preserve the Little Red Schoolhouse and all the treasures inside it.